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What’s next, Super Bowl MVP? Mahomes on Chiefs’…

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What's next, Super Bowl MVP? Mahomes on Chiefs'...

ORLANDO, Fla. — It has been roughly 24 hours since Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes became the youngest QB to win Super Bowl MVP, but he admitted Monday after a Disney World Super Bowl parade that it still hasn’t sunk in and might not for some time.

“You’re just so caught up in the moment, and you’re enjoying it, and there’s so much stuff going on that you don’t really think about what you just did,” Mahomes said in an exclusive interview with ESPN.

“With a game that ends like that, you don’t have that moment where you realize you’re winning the game. You’re just trying to fight until the end,” Mahomes said.

“It has been a whirlwind. … Just starting off being down in the game, the game not going the way that we wanted it to go and then finding a way to get the win [on] the biggest stage, and the guys fighting to the end, and after that, being able to celebrate with my teammates and being at Disney World and being here and seeing the support that Chiefs Kingdom has here, too. It has been awesome.

“I understand it. I know the magnitude of it. But it’s been so fast-paced from the game to the after-party to here. I’m gonna look back on this, and it’s gonna be something I’ll forever remember.”

Mahomes has his pick when it comes to seeking guidance from legendary NFL quarterbacks on what’s next. He regularly texts with Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. But interestingly enough, the person he said he’ll seek out to talk to about life after winning a Super Bowl at 24 and playing with a target on his back is his coach, Andy Reid, who waited 22 seasons to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

“Just how much success he’s had, year in and year out,” Mahomes said of Reid, who had won 222 career games by the time he could call himself a Super Bowl champion. “I talk to guys like Tom, guys like Aaron and all these guys, and they give me little pieces of advice here and there. But to me, it’s about every day and just taking advantage of it and understanding that, just like this last year, we’re gonna be the team that everybody’s gonna give their best effort for, but it’s about believing in each other and going out there and finding ways to win games.”

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